Will Swelling Last Long After Laser Skin Resurfacing?

By: Lori Alessandrini


Are you considering laser skin resurfacing? Laser treatments remove damaged layers of skin and stimulate the growth of newer, healthier cells. While resurfacing is a popular way to improve your appearance and reduce common signs of aging, some swelling is expected for a short period.

Licensed aesthetician and certified laser technician Lori Alessandrini prioritizes patient safety by utilizing state-of-the-art systems like the Alma Hybrid™ and educating patients on proper follow-up care. Essential Aesthetics & Laser can ensure your results are as safe and successful as possible. Call our office in Charlotte, NC to book a consultation and get started with laser skin resurfacing.

Who needs laser skin resurfacing?

Blemishes like fine lines, dark spots, and acne scars do not just impact your appearance – they also take a toll on your self-esteem. Laser skin resurfacing reduces unwanted blemishes while promoting collagen production for improved elasticity and firmness.

Before undergoing any laser treatment, it is important for us to evaluate your individual situation and goals. Because side effects like redness and swelling are normal, we want to ensure your skin is healthy enough to handle the procedure. Inform us of any medical conditions or medications that increase skin sensitivity so we can take the necessary precautions.

How to prepare for laser skin resurfacing

Since laser resurfacing will leave your skin feeling sensitive, we encourage patients to take preventive measures before their appointment. Laser technician Lori Allesandrini recommends protecting your skin against UV rays. You may also want to avoid products with harsh cleansers and exfoliants.

How long does swelling last after laser treatment?

Essential Aesthetics & Laser is proud to offer technology like the Alma Hybrid that minimizes side effects and maximizes results. However, some side effects cannot be avoided, meaning you may experience redness, irritation, and swelling – all of which are natural processes.

The severity of the swelling involved depends on your skin and the depth of the treatment performed, but it should subside within one to two weeks. We provide an individualized set of skin care guidelines so you can heal faster and enjoy results even sooner.

How to reduce swelling with at-home methods

Essential Aesthetics & Laser believes in patient education and empowering people to make the best decisions for their skin in Charlotte, NC. Here are some tips to reduce swelling after laser skin resurfacing:

  • Use a cool compress: Soak a clean cloth in cold water and place it over the treated area.
  • Take an anti-inflammatory medication: Some over-the-counter drugs can reduce swelling.
  • Avoid the sun: UV rays aggravate your skin and prolong healing time. Wear a hat and sunglasses if you must go outdoors, and do not forget your sunscreen!
  • Avoid pools and hot tubs: Chlorinated water and hot temperatures can cause discomfort and make swelling worse.

Patients are always welcome to call with any questions or concerns about recovery, and our team is always available to address any issues.

Ask about laser treatment and recovery

We understand that choosing a procedure to improve your appearance is a big decision, and we are here to assist you through the process. If you have cosmetic concerns and would like to discuss laser skin resurfacing with the Alma Hybrid, contact Essential Aesthetics & Laser in Charlotte, NC. Licensed aesthetician and certified laser technician Lori Alessandrini is ready to answer your questions and get you started with a consultation.

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