Will Laser Tattoo Removal Leave Scars?

By: Lori Alessandrini


Laser tattoo removal is a well-known way to remove tattoos that may be unwanted for various reasons. However, some people are concerned that the procedure will leave behind scars. The good news is Essential Aesthetics & Laser uses state-of-the-art technologies, like PicoSure, that are considered safe and do not damage the surrounding tissue. Our trained team can explain the laser process and help you understand what to expect during an assessment in Charlotte, NC.

Below, certified laser technician and licensed aesthetician Lori Alessandrini discusses the potential for scarring after laser tattoo removal. We also review simple but effective ways to improve your chances of success from this innovative laser treatment.

How does PicoSure work?

While most laser tattoo removal treatments use heat to break up tattoo ink, PicoSure uses pressure. The PicoSure device sends out extremely focused pulses of energy that target the ink particles in your tattoo. This shatters them into much smaller pieces that are then safely absorbed and removed by your body’s lymphatic system.

Does laser treatment cause scars?

Since PicoSure does not use heat to break up tattoo ink, there is no risk of burns or other damage to the skin. This means there is little risk of scarring. In fact, PicoSure is so gentle, it may be used on most skin types, including sensitive skin. Our patients at Essential Aesthetics & Laser report smooth, soft skin after laser tattoo removal. And best of all, no scars!

Common side effects of laser tattoo removal

Laser technician Lori Alessandrini works hard to ensure patients experience minimal side effects from laser tattoo removal. However, you should understand that some temporary redness and swelling may occur from laser treatment. These side effects can be relieved with a cool pack or over-the-counter pain medications at home. Most people say that the discomfort is similar to that of minor sunburn.

How to improve your results after PicoSure

There are many ways to improve your outcomes after laser tattoo removal in Charlotte, NC. First, choose a reputable provider with plenty of experience and top tools. Essential Aesthetics & Laser has been providing this service for years, and our team is highly trained in the latest technologies.

Second, follow all instructions as given by laser technician Lori Alessandrini before and after treatment. This includes avoiding sun exposure, applying sunscreen, and using a cool pack as needed for any discomfort. Exposure to UV rays makes our skin sensitive and increases your risk of swelling.

Finally, be patient! It takes multiple laser treatments to remove a tattoo based on the size, depth, and color of the tattoo ink. We develop custom plans based on the size, location, and type of tattoo being removed. We typically recommend 4 – 5 sessions spaced several weeks apart. Appointment times vary, but it is a short process that only lasts for about ten minutes.

Have a safe tattoo removal session

Scarring does not need to be an issue when you choose laser tattoo removal at Essential Aesthetics & Laser. PicoSure is a revolutionary device that is changing the tattoo removal industry with its gentle but effective approach. Learn about our laser services by scheduling a consultation in Charlotte, NC today. Certified laser technician Lori Alessandrini can review your tattoo and help you understand what to expect from treatment.

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