What Is the Difference Between EMSCULPT and EMSCULPT NEO®?

By: Lori Alessandrini


Nonsurgical body contouring offers men and women the exciting opportunity to slim down, tone up, and achieve their ideal physique without the need for incisions, surgery, anesthesia, or a lengthy recovery period — but many people are overwhelmed by the number of nonsurgical body contouring treatments available today and have questions about which one may be most suitable for them. At Essential Aesthetics and Laser in Charlotte, NC, certified laser technician Lori Alessandrini can help you better understand the differences between various nonsurgical body sculpting treatments and recommend a solution that is aligned with your specific set of concerns, goals, and other personal factors. Here, you'll find a useful comparison of two of the most popular noninvasive body contouring solutions offered today: EMSCULPT and EMSCULPT NEO®.

What is nonsurgical body contouring?

Nonsurgical body contouring refers to a class of aesthetic treatments designed to reduce fat, tone muscles, slim features, and otherwise enhance the contours of the body without traditional invasive surgery.

Is EMSCULPT NEO a nonsurgical body contouring treatment?

Both EMSCULPT and EMSCULPT NEO are considered nonsurgical body contouring treatments, though there are some notable differences between each method. Primary differences between EMSCULPT vs. EMSCULPT NEO include:


One of the key differences between EMSCULPT and EMSCULPT NEO is the goal or purpose of each treatment. While EMSCULPT is used to strengthen and tone muscles, EMSCULPT NEO offers the added benefit of nonsurgical fat reduction along with enhanced muscle definition.


EMSCULPT treatment utilizes high-intensity focused electromagnetic muscle stimulation (HIFEM) to trigger strong muscle contractions that help enhance muscle tone and definition. During an EMSCULPT NEO treatment, radiofrequency (RF) energy is simultaneously delivered to the target areas in order to destroy excess fat cells.

Treatment areas

Patients often use EMSCULPT to get shredded abs or a firmer backside through muscle strengthening alone, whereas EMSCULPT NEO can be used to recontour a wider range of areas, such as:

  • Abdomen
  • Upper arms
  • Thighs
  • Calves
  • Buttocks

The choice between EMSCULPT and EMSCULPT NEO will depend on several individual variables, including (and especially) whether the patient hopes to reduce stubborn pockets of fat, tone and strengthen muscles, or both. For many men and women, excess fat and poor muscles — or muscles concealed beneath stubborn fat — go hand-in-hand, making EMSCULPT NEO a widely popular choice. It is important to note that in either case — whether choosing EMSCULPT NEO or EMSCULPT — patients should already be at or near their goal weight, as neither treatment is designed as a substitute for traditional weight loss methods.

How many EMSCULPT NEO treatments will I need?

While some improvements may be seen after a single EMSCULPT NEO treatment, patients should plan on undergoing a series of about 4 – 5 EMSCULPT NEO sessions spaced a few days apart to achieve the most desirable outcome possible. By maintaining a stable weight and consistent diet and exercise regimen over time, the results of EMSCULPT NEO can last for years to come.

Reimagine your physique the modern way with EMSCULPT NEO in Charlotte, NC

If you are frustrated by poor muscle definition and stubborn fat despite a healthy lifestyle — but you're not interested in invasive cosmetic surgery — EMSCULPT NEO nonsurgical body sculpting may be an excellent alternative for you. To learn more about the many exciting benefits of EMSCULPT NEO, call to schedule your private consultation with certified laser technician and licensed aesthetician Lori Alessandrini at Essential Aesthetics and Laser in Charlotte, NC.

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