Can All Tattoo Colors Be Removed with Laser Treatment?

By: Lori Alessandrini


No matter how sure someone may seem at the time of getting a tattoo, there often comes a point when people decide they’d rather not have it any longer — making laser tattoo removal one of the most sought-after aesthetic treatments available today. There are many reasons why someone may be considering tattoo removal, including painful memories, a change in personal preference, a new job or relationship, and others. Whatever your reasons for laser tattoo removal are, our dedicated team at Essential Aesthetics and Laser — led by licensed aesthetician and certified laser technician Lori Alessandrini — is here to help. One of the first questions many patients have about laser tattoo removal in Charlotte, NC is which colors respond best to tattoo removal. You’ll find the answer to this and more laser tattoo removal FAQs here.

How does laser tattoo removal work?

At Essential Aesthetics and Laser, we are committed to utilizing the most modern, effective, and innovative technologies available today to ensure the most comfortable experience and complete results possible. For laser tattoo removal, we perform treatment using the advanced PicoSure® laser system. Unlike other lasers, PicoSure does not employ heat, meaning the treatment is gentler, more comfortable, and does not damage the surrounding skin. During your Charlotte, NC laser tattoo removal treatment, the PicoSure laser will be used to deliver short bursts of energy to the tattoo. This works to break up the ink beneath the skin’s surface, after which time it will be processed and removed by the body’s lymphatic system.

Does laser tattoo removal work for all ink colors?

Without question, black ink tattoos generally respond best to laser tattoo removal, while lighter colors — like white, pink, and yellow — can be much harder to remove. One of the most compelling advantages of choosing PicoSure for laser tattoo removal is that the unique technology incorporated into the treatment system is also highly effective for blue and green tattoo ink, which can be notoriously difficult to remove with other laser options. However, it is important to keep in mind that tattoo ink color isn’t the only factor that will influence how successful laser tattoo removal is. Some additional factors that can impact the results of a laser tattoo removal treatment include:

  • Age of the tattoo (older tattoos typically respond better than newer ones)
  • The patient’s skin tone (the greater the contrast with the ink, the better)
  • The patient’s overall health (having a strong immune system is important for flushing out the broken-down ink)

During your initial consultation for laser tattoo removal, Lori and our knowledgeable team will carefully evaluate your tattoo and determine whether PicoSure laser tattoo removal may be an appropriate and effective option for you.

How many laser tattoo removal sessions will I need?

While each patient’s experience with laser tattoo removal will differ, patients can typically expect to require an average of about 4 – 5 ten-minute treatment sessions spaced about 4 – 7 weeks apart to achieve optimal results. Again, our team can help you better understand how your tattoo may respond to laser removal and how many treatments you may need.

Restore clearer skin and erase old memories with laser tattoo removal in Charlotte, NC

Whether you are tired of unwanted reminders of the past or simply feel like you’ve outgrown your tattoo for any number of reasons, you may be excited to learn more about how laser tattoo removal can help you achieve your goals. Start the process of laser tattoo removal today by calling Essential Aesthetics and Laser in Charlotte, NC to schedule your consultation with licensed aesthetician and certified laser technician Lori Alessandrini today.

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